What It Means to Work with a Migration Agent

Only professionally registered migration consultants can provide migration assistance in Australia. Australia has some of the most stringent immigration requirements in the world. Immigration is a very detailed and complicated process. The Australian government must license only skilled and experienced migration consultants who are in Australia. Immigration help (under the Migration Act 1958} is when a person uses or claims to use knowledge of, or exceptional experience in the migration process to aid in visa application or any other visa matters. Australian migration authorities regulate the practice of migration consultants and assess the qualifications of migration consultants to determine eligibility for migration.

#1 migration agent in AdelaideAustralia’s migration system requires consultants to be well experienced, highly educated, and able to provide comprehensive migration advice following each client’s specific requirements. There are three types of migration advisers that a client can choose from – government officials, private consultants, and the Australia Visa Bureau. In general, migration advisors that work for the government must have a certain level of government service or an equivalent qualification. They need to be knowledgeable about Australia’s immigration system and detailed knowledge of Australia’s immigration policies and practices. Generally, migration advisors in Australia must have at least two years’ experience working as an immigration consultant.

The #1 migration agent in Adelaide must complete a training program that consists of lectures, seminars, practical application, and experience with the specific issues facing the migration of skilled and family visa applicants. This course should also include a specialised study on Australian immigration law. The training for migration agents in Australia is provided by professional bodies affiliated with the Australian Institute of Immigration. These bodies undertake various activities, including seminars, case studies, guest speakers, and educational programs. These bodies’ curriculum is designed to equip migration agents with the knowledge and skills required to evaluate Australia’s immigration policies and practices.

Two fundamental issues require timely attention from the migration agent. First, they have to examine each client’s case history to determine which type of migration would be the best for them. The second issue is related to the specific country of residence of clients. In the case of Australian visa applicants, this issue often concerns such applicants’ ability to apply for another visa, once their current visa expires. Another aspect of this requirement deals with the eligibility of family members of Australian visa applicants, who may also have to obtain another visa to accompany them.

To become an approved migration agent in Australia, one needs to become a member of Australia’s Migration Institute. The migration act 1958 of Australia imposes strict regulations on the conduct of migration agencies. These laws specify that migration agencies are not allowed to undertake the processing of visa applications based on ethnicity or nationalities. Moreover, these agencies cannot process visa applications for people outside of Australia who have not acquired the same legal status within Australia as their citizens.

The Migration Institute has conducted an evaluation program, which rates different migration agencies. It rates agencies on the extent of professionalism, experience and use of resources in dealing with sensitive issues of immigration and the extent of compliance with Australia’s migration laws. An individual MGI ranking is given to every migration agent, depending on their performance. This is known as the Australia Visa Services Quality Index (ASQAI). The MGI indicator is also used by the Department of Immigration and the Australian High Commission in deciding the annual immigration quota for a country. The assessment is done based on the statistics provided by the Department of Immigration and the Australian High Commission.

To become an approved registered migration agent, one has to pass several examinations. These include the written visa application test, examination of Australian work experience, and the performance evaluation of Australia’s immigration system’s knowledge. To be a visa approved, one must work with a visa approved company for at least two years. One may apply for immigration assistance from Australia’s consular department via the Australia Visa Service. There is another option to seek assistance from an Australian visa approved employer willing to sponsor you as a skilled person.

The #1 migration agent in Adelaide offers a comprehensive service to clients seeking skilled migration visa approved candidates. The Australia visa approved employers include businesses, corporate bodies, educational institutions, educational consultants, government agencies, and private consultants. Some of these employers may also represent more than one person as an applicant for a visa. The applicants must fulfil specific criteria to be eligible for a skilled migration visa.