If you are wondering what your 4WD needs, you may be surprised to learn that several common problems occur in your 4WD. Among these problems are the tires, transfer case, drive shaft and fuel contamination. The following article will give tips on what to look out for when getting a 4WD service Adelaide. So, contact a 4WD service Adelaide specialist today if you’re in Adelaide! You’ll be glad you did.

custom tuning AdelaideDriveshaft

You may be wondering who to call if you need a Driveshaft for 4WD service Adelaide. If you’re unsure where to find a quality mechanic, here are a few options in your area. ABS Automotive Service Centres are specialists in 4WD repair. Their technicians use Schenck balancers for precision, so you can rest assured that your vehicle’s drive shaft is in good hands.


Your hubs are essential components of your 4WD. If they aren’t working correctly, your car can lose control and drive unpredictably. In addition to preventing your car from moving correctly, the failure of your hubs can increase your fuel consumption, cause noisy driving on the highway, and cause increased front tire wear. Contact Hubs 4WD service Adelaide to learn about their services. Hubs are quickly replaced by your mechanic, or have them serviced at Vulcan Tire & Automotive.

Transfer case

The transfer case is a highly serviceable component of your 4WD system. In modern cars, it operates by chain or gears. The transmission sends power to the transfer case, which then transmits it to the front or rear drive shafts. To service the transfer case, you will need to have it checked by a mechanic. Your manual should include a recommended inspection interval. The most common symptom of a failing transfer case is a sluggish vehicle.

Fuel contamination

Your 4WD is not just a car. It is a specialized vehicle, which means it is more vulnerable to breakdowns than other vehicles. Regular maintenance can decrease the chance of breakdowns and help you detect developing problems before they escalate into more severe issues. In Australia, diesel fuel is widely used to power 4WDs, and the fact is, you are not alone. You should know some facts before attempting to fuel your vehicle yourself.

Tire wear and tear

Getting your car’s tyres checked by a mechanic can significantly improve safety and performance. Your vehicle’s suspension is crucial for its tyres. A bumpy ride is a sign that your car needs suspension repairs. Timely suspension repairs will increase your car’s performance and tyre life, and a reputable mechanic can provide you with expert repair and maintenance services.

Regular maintenance

Regular 4WD service Adelaide will ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly. Your mechanic will check all the critical components of your vehicle to ensure they are working correctly and are not wearing out too quickly. Regular services will help to avoid major breakdowns and prevent problems from worsening. A minor service will be required every ten to fifteen thousand kilometres. A significant service will be required every thirty to forty thousand kilometres, depending on your vehicle’s mileage and manufacturer guidelines.


Your car may need some routine maintenance, or you may need to have an effective service performed. First, a minor service should be performed every ten to fifteen thousand kilometres to ensure no major issues are developing. Then, depending on the manufacturer’s guidelines, significant services should be performed every 30,000 to 45,000 kilometres. While minor service can be done yourself, you might want to leave the significant work to a professional. If you’re looking for a reliable 4WD service, a professional at Adelaide Hills Toyota is the perfect place to go. The experienced technicians know the different models and have the latest training and factory updates.

There are numerous advantages of a 4WD service Adelaide. Apart from keeping your vehicle in good shape, it also prevents it from breakdowns. These specialists will check the seals, air, fuel, and other components of the 4WD to ensure they are functioning correctly. They can also recommend a top-notch 4WD service Adelaide. Moreover, a top-quality 4WD service Adelaide will prevent you from incurring expensive repairs.