How to Handle Blocked Drains

There are many reasons why your drains may be blocking. One of the primary reasons is dirty or clogged pipes. The main problem of blocked drains happens when foreign objects like hair, soap, food, and grease accumulate in between your drainpipe and other plumbing pipes that run below it. To solve this kind of problem, you must first make sure that all of the objects in the pipes are clean. If any of these objects remain after cleaning, then they can block the drainpipe permanently.

Blocked-Drains-AdelaideAnother major cause of Blocked Drains Adelaide is tree roots. Roots growing in your sewer lines can push debris and other materials down into the pipes, which then become clogged over time. Tree roots may also end up poisoning your drainage system. To prevent this, it is important to have a good foundation to stand on. A solid base will help prevent foot problems from occurring.

Many cities in Australia receive heavy rain over an extended period. When heavy rains hit Australia, they usually occur in the summer months. When a city receives heavy rain, its drainage system becomes swollen and breaks apart. These broken pipes then become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, mould, and other germs, which can cause serious health problems.

Blocked Drains Adelaide can also be caused by a faulty toilet or flushing system. For example, if your toilet releases heavy water when you flush the toilet, this can cause a clog in your sewer pipes. The heavier the water, the longer it takes to travel through the pipes, which causes a larger diameter for the water to fill your drainage pipes. Eventually, these pipes become filled with debris, mould, and waste, creating a perfect breeding ground for blocked drains.

Leaks are another major cause of blocked drains. When plumbing leaks, the areas where the pipes connect become saturated with fluid. This creates a perfect environment for bacteria and other germs to grow. Blocked drains can easily grow if proper procedures are not followed for plumbers or the building in which they work.

Another way that dirt, leaves, and debris can cause blocked drains is by becoming trapped. For example, tree roots grow into the pipes of a building and, as a result, can grow into small cracks. As time passes, these cracks can become larger and allow more dirt to accumulate in the pipe. If this happens, the smaller pieces of dirt can become bigger, which allows them to enter the larger pipe and create a clog. As a result, your drainage system can become damaged and start to function poorly. Clogged water drains can also create mould, mildew, and odours inside your home.

Blocked Drains can also occur from the pipes that run throughout your home. These pipes often develop problems as they age. They can begin to form pieces of debris, become clogged with debris, and as a result, cause your brain to malfunction. Clogged sewer pipes are typically located around your exterior doors and windows. For smaller drainage blockages, you’ll likely be able to clean up the problem with the help of DistinctPlumbing.

Blocked drains can be caused by several factors, including poor toilet and kitchen habits. While there are many different ways to fix blocked drains, you must take preventative measures to avoid large-scale damage. If you find that you frequently have to deal with drainage problems at home, it may be time to hire a professional plumber from DistinctPlumbing. 

By keeping your drains clean and unclogged, you can help reduce the stress and frustration you experience from having blocked drains. And, when your plumbing needs a little help, a plumber from DistinctPlumbing will be able to repair or even replace your clogged pipes without disrupting your water flow.