The Perfect Wardrobe for Your Bedroom

Your closet is the second most important piece of furniture in your bedroom after the bed. Not only must the wardrobe provide adequate and suitable storage space for your accessories and clothes, but it should also complement and enhance the beauty and style of your room. The type of closet you choose will depend on your budget, space available and the number of clothes you have. If you’re out there looking for the ideal wardrobe, here are some important considerations.


Exciting Wardrobe Options


Built-in or fitted wardrobes are suitable for bedrooms of all sizes. The benefit of built in closets Adelaide us that they give you more storage space than a freestanding closet, which comes in very handy if you are sharing the space with your partner. Also, you can choose the combination of drawers and rails you want.


A free-standing closet has the benefit that you can take it with you when you move to a new house or apartment. It is also easy to change the location of your wardrobe or replace it if you give your room a design makeover. An alcove in the walls makes an ideal house for a wardrobe, but be sure to check the measurements first to make the most of the space available, without buying a too small or large closet that will look out of place.



If a freestanding closet has a fixed rail, check if the height is right for hanging your long dresses and coats. A cabinet that has drawers may mean that you do not need a chest of drawers as well, which saves space in your bedroom.



If you have a tight budget, the cheapest option is to purchase a flat pack closet and assemble it on your own. However, the quality of the flat pack wardrobe will vary. The hinges and drawers may not be as durable as those on the factory assembled wardrobes. Another option for people on a budget is to consider buying second-hand wardrobe from reputable furniture shops. It is better than joining a wardrobe yourself as you can get a quality closet which you can repaint to give it a new look.


For ultimate stylishness, a walk-in- wardrobe is an excellent choice. If you do not have space for a walk-in closet in your room, you can convert a box room or small spare room. If you love unique furniture, hunt around for custom closets. It is a wardrobe that is designed to match your needs. The size, design, materials, and colour will be your choice which makes it easy to have a closet that blends well with your room while offering you enough space for your clothes and accessories. The bottom line is getting your wardrobe from a reliable dealer to be sure of quality and affordability.