Gas Wall Furnace Heaters: Quick, Low-Cost Way to Heat Up Cold Rooms

Face it; you have this room in your home that never quite warms up. No one in your family wants to be in that room in the winter; however, here you are with a week or two to spare, and your aged mother-in-law is coming to stay with the family. No one in their right mind would put her up, or any guests for that matter, in “the frozen room”! And horse blankets wouldn’t be so welcoming, right?


Well, weighing things out, a space heater can be a fire hazard, and a new furnace is a considerable investment, but this situation needs an answer now.


So, before you lose any more sleep over your dilemma, read this article for the best possible solution – fast, easy and affordable fix for cold rooms: energy-efficient, direct-vent gas wall furnace heaters. These sleek, appliances distribute cozy heat and require almost no maintenance. Read on to know these benefits.


Quick Installation


Wall furnaces are easily installed. These direct vent furnaces need no ductwork, so experienced technicians can have your new wall furnace up and running in just one hour.



Safe from Fires


Wall furnaces are safe. Unlike space heaters, wall furnaces – aren’t fire hazards. And the cool-touch cabinets and control locks mean children play close to the wall furnace without any risks.





Wall furnaces are high-efficiency sources of heat. Each wall furnace generates heat only when you want it, continuously monitoring the conditions in your room through the thermostat. You can choose your desired heat setting and forget about it!


Saves You Money


Wall furnaces save hundreds of dollars per room, compared to other home heating options.


A wall furnace can turn a three-season porch into a year-round retreat. You can heat home additions, newly finished basements or bonus rooms and in-law apartments without creating a new heating zone. Wall furnaces also make great additions to home extensions where you can let your guests choose their preferred heating level without adding big bucks to your utility costs.


Some people have relied on direct-vent gas wall furnace heaters for heating in their homes and offices for years, and it’s incredible how efficiently and effectively they heat the space; they’re that durable and long-lasting! It is not so surprising to see units out there still going strong for ten to twelve years! That’s just another advantage of having one, among the many, and most of which, have already been mentioned above.


So, go and take a look at gas wall furnace heaters and pick one up for the frozen room!