7 Advantages of Smart Multifunction Printers

Finally, the age of mediocrity as we know it, is over. Conventional multifunction printers which we have relied on to keep our offices multi-tasking and functioning well have given way to a new, even way smarter smart multifunction printers, a new generation of application-based Multifunction Printers Online that are easy to manage, mobile, cloud-connected, more secure and customisable.


As if the advantages of the conventional multifunction printers which consolidated your office requirements into a single unit were not enough, the market puts out a new generation of these office mainstays with features galore! Just take a peek at how smart these multifunction printing machines can be:


  1. No Need for an Expert Technician to Install


With built-in installation wizards as guides, virtually anybody can connect a smart multifunction printer to a network and mobile gadgets.


  1. Has Multiple Layers of Security


Face it; hackers and data thieves live to attack unprotected multifunction printers. Pick one that has built-in protection. Eliminate the vulnerability of your company’s precious data by getting a smart multifunction printer.


  1. Use the Tablet-Like Touchscreens


If you’ve ever looked at a printer wondering which button to press next, you’ll appreciate the smart multifunction printer touch screens that guide you step-by-step through tasks like printing from the cloud or scanning to a mobile device.




  1. Tap, Print and Go


Skip network logins and turn up the speed on mobile printing with NFC built-in touch, Wi-Fi Direct.


  1. Cloud Optimisation


Do you archive vital documents in the cloud? Work faster and more efficiently with intelligent multifunction printer applications that scan documents directly into your cloud or retrieve and print them with just a couple of clicks.


  1. Customisable Interface


Do you want to make your people happier and more productive at the same time? Create personal profiles that save each team member’s preferences (such as print resolution or folder address in the cloud) and put favourite features on the touch screen.


  1. Help Is at Your Fingertips


There will no longer be employees looking frustrated with these issues frantically calling Office Services to get a way out of unjamming a complex machine! From paper jams to upside-down faxes, smart multifunction printers can diagnose and show you how to troubleshoot problems. You can even add an application to order supplies to keep your multifunction printer automatically (and your office) running without interruption.


Just as we thought Multifunction Printers Online have become outdated and no longer usable in our places of business, these new generation printing machines are sure to please the staff and guarantee higher productivity, as well as quality outputs, delivered most expeditiously.