Building a Pergola – Pergola Materials You Can Use

Are you looking forward to adding extra beauty to your backyard? Then building a pergola to complement your patio or deck will surely bring out the best in your backyard. This garden structure serves as a breathable cover for any backyard space or walkway. Whether you want to add a fashionable shade to your outdoor space or give your garden a shelter that makes a statement, pergolas Adelaide are an excellent choice. It is also good to note that there are several designs and materials you can use when installing a pergola which means that you can get one that matches your existing home and landscape design. Below are several materials you can use when it comes to adding a pergola in your backyard.


Besides adding value to your property, pergolas made of wood provide a natural yet elegant look for your backyard or garden. If you are someone who is more DIY-oriented, working with timber will give you a variety of ways to craft the garden of your dreams. Many timber pergolas come in kits equipped with pre-cut or pre-drilled pieces that will eliminate the typical hassles of installing other wooden structures. It means that you will need fewer efforts and labour when it comes to installing your pergola. Overall, a wooden pergola is a functional accent piece that’s attractive and very useful in any garden or backyard.

Metal materials

If you are looking for a more sleek and modern approach when installing a pergola, then investing in a metal pergola makes the best choice. With an array, of colours and variations in designs – ranging from free standing to attached, all these make metal a very versatile material option. Its durability and weather resistance make it a more popular choice when it comes to designing and building pergolas. In addition to the longevity property, metal pergolas are the most straightforward option when it comes to installation. The reason is that they are readily available in kits and all you need is to buy a pergola metal kit with a design and measurements that you want. This way, soon you will have a pergola ready for you.

Regardless of the materials that you decide to use, you should know that the best way to install pergolas Adelaide is to hire professional builders. The builders have the skills and experience and will be able to help you design a custom pergola that will suit not only your needs but also a pergola that matches your existing landscape and home design. What’s more is that many homes improvement builders are ready to help you get your pergola installed at an affordable price. All you need is to get the best builder, and you are ready to go.