Factors to Consider When Buying a Photocopier for your Office

Buying a photocopier to assist your business is a significant investment. To make sure you pick the best copier that will satisfy your need, we summed up the five factors that you should consider.


1 – Brand


Before you start comparing various models of photocopiers, it might be a wise step first to compare copier companies. Most popular photocopier brands have the same features that can handle the needs of your company. The photocopier company you opt to have business with will guarantee a more significant impact on your overall satisfaction. Search for a company which is locally owned and produces a variety of customer-oriented solutions like printing services and photocopies machine Ballarat. Thus, it allows you to design both a collaborative and productive relationship with your photocopier expert.


2 – Pick Brand-New or Pre-Owned


When you decide to purchase a photocopier for your office, you’ll need to choose between new or pre-owned devices. The advantage of buying a new device is you acquire the most upgraded technology available in the market that often offers a valuable warranty. But, new copiers demand hefty investment up-front. On the other hand, pre-owned copiers are reasonably cheaper, so you may be able to upgrade to a better model while staying within your budget. Also, a prestigious photocopier company should offer a warranty or other guarantees on pre-owned devices. Although the nature of pre-owned photocopier is that someone owned and used it beforehand, it will not guarantee you to last long unlike new machines.


3 – Purchase or Lease?


Leasing and buying depends on how much money you comfortably spend now versus over time. Leasing enables you to pay a monthly fee over the term of the lease, then upgrade to the latest device if you opt to do so. It is best for start-up businesses since it doesn’t demand much cash upfront. Although, if you lease photocopiers within five to ten years, you may end up paying more than purchasing one device. When you buy a photocopier, you will need to spend much money but then think of the invention that will stand with you in its entire lifetime.


4 – Specific Business Needs


Another essential factor to consider when purchasing a photocopier is the needs of your office. Specifically, consider the volume of copying, types of projects, the number of people who will use it and the space available. Try to evaluate your business if it needs photocopier features like colour printing capability, a finisher, a by-pass tray or high-paper capacity. Thus, narrowing down your options helps you decide what photocopier machine you will purchase.


5 – Modern Features



Modern photocopies machine Ballarat feature some fantastic high-technology solutions for business owners, especially in producing high-quality output. A lot of copier machines can connect to mobile print apps; thus, it allows the business owner to budget print jobs and can help you track the usage of power and other consumables. When you shop for a new photocopier, don’t forget to discuss this feature with your copier expert that will benefit your company.