How to Know if You Need Retaining Walls in Your Property

You can always add a retaining wall on your property whenever you want. However, there are certain situations where it becomes an absolute necessity. There are many instances when you’ll need retaining walls Perth for your property. Here are some of these situations:


You’re Suffering from Down-hill Erosion

Retaining Walls PerthIf you keep ignoring your downhill erosion issues, you will later have a significant problem on your hands. Without any form of structural support, you can potentially lose a massive chunk of land in your property. You could also let rainwater from ravaging your property, which can also cause structural damage. With soil eroding in your property, you can’t hold on to it any longer. What you need is a retaining wall.


This structure will help you and your property survive the hard outdoor conditions. By blockading your soil, it will be held in place. That means you will no longer have to worry about soil erosion since you now have a formidable structure that will hold off your soil. Even when it’s raining, the soil will remain in place. The rainwater will also go through the drainage pipes of the wall and out of your property. That way, you also won’t have to worry about any potential flooding.


You Have Water Runoff

Heavy rains and timely storms can potentially pose a huge threat to your property. In most cases, water runoff will carry away a huge chunk of your property if not managed properly. Furthermore, water runoff will also leave you with a flooded basement. With a retaining wall, you will have a structure that will protect you from potential water runoff. As said earlier, it has a drainage system that will help negate any potential food problem that will cause havoc onto your property. Instead, it will re-route the rainwater out of your property. That way, you won’t have to deal with floodwater ever again.


There are High Winds in Your Area

Another potential indication that it’s time to get retaining walls Perth is when you have high winds in your location. Apart from rainwater, high winds can also be a proponent to soil erosion. But just like rainwater, it can also be prevented with the help of retaining walls. By creating a tall retaining wall, you can prevent your soil from being dragged by the strong winds. That way, it may still move – especially when it’s dry – but most of the time, it will stay put in the same position.