Getting Ready for A Building Inspection

So, you’ve just contacted your local Victoria building inspection agency, and they’ve scheduled your inspection for tomorrow morning. You’re finally ready to cast all the doubt in your head about the potential salability of your home, and whether there are problems with it, that’s preventing it from being sold. But before you let the inspectors inside your home, you should make the necessary preparation to make your home representable to them. Here are some tips to follow when expecting for building inspectors to visit you.

1.) Clean Your House

It may sound simple and direct to the point, but some homeowners tend to overlook its importance, especially when they’re getting a building inspection. Most homeowners would assume that they won’t matter much since they’re just going to do it after the inspection is complete. However, having a clean and tidy room plays a significant role when it comes to the results of the inspection. Keep in mind that first impressions matter the most when it comes to building inspections. That’s why you should clean your home, or any establishment and make sure it will look presentable to the inspectors once they arrive at your doorstep.

2.) Always be On Time

When we say to be on time, it means you should have your home ready way ahead of the inspector’s scheduled visit to your home. At Victoria Building Inspection, our home inspectors come on time when they are scheduled for an inspection. So, if your schedule is this morning at 9:00 AM, you should have your home ready 30 minutes or earlier to ensure that everything is set for the inspection. Also, anticipate that your inspector can even come in early, so make sure you make the necessary preparation way ahead of time, so you won’t have to panic when they arrive. Also, prepare everything and ready each part of your home for inspection. That means leaving the shades down or the drapes drawn out to make sure they have a clear view of your interior and exterior features.

3.) Connect the Utilities

The building inspector will not only check the overall structure of the house but will also check the utilities inside and outside your home. So, make sure you leave your utilities on for the entire duration of the inspection. Utilities include your stove, the dishwasher, furnace area, and air conditioning system. If you don’t turn it on, the inspection might take more time than it usually should.

Make sure you prepare everything to ensure that you’re well ahead of the inspectors so that operations will be smooth, and you will leave a good first impression. So, make sure you call Victoria Building Inspection and schedule a home inspection today.