There is an underlying progression of growth in the universe, and the pattern is four-fold. I am convinced of it. And I have named that four-ness Quadratos.

In 2000, my professional speaking, teaching, and writing career took a dramatic turn. On a clear, star-filled night in New Mexico, an ancient key to the four gospels appeared. I have named this key, quadratos – the invariant, cyclical four-fold path of the spiritual journey found across time, culture, religious tradition – and the four Christian gospels.

As I shared this discovery with friends and clients, I found that it was of practical use to them. It helped Christians to understand the gospels better, and to use them more effectively in their lives. And it helped others understand the cyclical nature of their lives and how to work with difficult experiences more easily. I became determined to share these conclusions – to speak and teach and write – and carry this message to as many others as I possibly could.

The Book

Years of work, research, and dialogue have led to the message being a major release book, The Hidden Power of the Gospels: Four Questions, Four Paths, One Journey (HarperOne, 2010).
Personal Path

John Dunne, a professor of mine at the University of Notre Dame, spoke about each person’s need to “cross over” into other traditions and return “home” with a wider perspective.

At the University of Notre Dame in the 1970s, I was graced with formative teachers. For a time, the theology, religious studies, and anthropology departments were infused with the work of C. G. Jung and a deep approach to faith, spiritual practice, and world traditions. The spirit engendered by Henri Nouwen, Mark Searle, Morton Kelsey, John Sanford, Joseph Campbell, and others continues in my work today.

After college, I briefly entered the seminary, received two masters’ degrees, and began travelling, speaking to clergy and lay Christians about practices that aid individual and community transformation. Then in the mid-80′s, I entered a doctoral program in clinical psychology, receiving my doctorate in 1991.


Speaking, teaching and writing about the transformative power of this new paradigm is now my life’s mission.

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