Net Wrap in Baling: What are its Advantages?

black bale net wrapWhen it comes to livestock farming, one of the critical components of achieving success is food preservation. In other words, you must figure out a way to keep food for the livestock as fresh and nutritious as possible for an extended period. The most efficient way of doing it is through a bailed silage, which is a proven method for farmers over the course of a century. When you do baled silage, you are not merely securing feeds for use, but you also minimise the cost of production, retain essential nutrients and dry matter in the food for the animals, and prevent the likelihood of losses.

However, you do have to understand that not all methods of baling are efficient and practical. If you want to be as useful as possible, you must stick to using black bale net wrap. The use of a net works by wrapping silage in round bales. If you are wondering what the advantages of a net wrap are, then you should read the rest of this post.

1 – Netwrap is remarkably durable.

Before the invention of net wrapping, livestock farm owners relied heavily on twine. The most notable downside of twine is that it cannot provide durability and resilience, especially when it comes to massive feed production. On the other hand, the net wrap is the complete opposite as it is durable and sturdy to the point that it guarantees resistance to wear and tear of outdoor storage for an extended period. If you want to protect your silage from the weather, you should choose the net wrapping method over other baling strategies.

2 – Net wrap keeps silage protected from the sun.

Arguably the most significant threats to the life of your silage are the exposure to direct sunlight and contact with water. Those two external factors are the primary reason why some livestock farms lose massive amounts of feeds during production. With the help of net wraps to wrap bales, there is enough shield against the sun and rain. The layer guarantees that the sun’s UV rays cannot penetrate, while the overall design of a black bale net wrap makes sure no water can enter.

3 – The product of net wrapping is presentable.

Finally, no one will argue about how net wrapped bales look because no other method offers the same practicality and aesthetic value in one. Some livestock farm owners end up producing a surplus amount of feeds, which means they have no choice but to sell them. If you produce well-rounded bales using net wraps, you will quickly sell them off to fellow livestock farmers since they look great and organised. Now that’s a useful and practical way to get a return on your investment in buying net wraps.