Buying School Shoes Reminders and Tips

In buying school shoes, you have to consider asking first your child’s teacher about the school uniform policies and concerns. As a parent, you have to make sure that your kids are wearing a well-fit and comfortable shoes while they are in the classroom since they are wearing Boys School Shoes in learning throughout the day.

Boys School ShoesBelow are the tips for buying perfectly fitting school shoes.

1 – Measure both feet.

It is vital to check both feet. Most children or even adults have the condition of having one-foot longer or broader, so you have to make sure that you measure both feet, you can do the measuring in-store yourself or ask the assistance of a shoe specialist to do the job. Be meticulous, do not buy over-large shoes, for it can lead to injuries. Seek the help of a shoe fitter expert for a better selection of shoes that comfortably fits your kids.

2 – Focus on the details.

When you decide to fit your child with new school shoes at,  make sure that there is an allowance of a child’s thumb width at the shoe’s end and the end of the longest toe. Check if the fullest part of the shoe is parallel with the broadest part of the foot. Check also the fastening mechanism; this should hold the heel firmly. The heel should be cozy yet comfortable. Double-check even the sole of the shoe; they should not twist. Pay attention also to the back part and see to it that they are reliable and stable.

3 – Find a professional fitter if possible.

Your child’s feet and bones are still developing and growing as they become older. Often, kids will have flat and high arched feet. Thus, an excellent cushioning, external and internal support and shoe stability are vital. Manufacturers make variations of the styles for different foot shapes, so if it is possible, ask help from a professional shoe fitter upon buying school shoes.

4 – Look for the toe wiggle.

You may also try the toe-wiggle technique if you are not sure whether your child’s new school shoes fit correctly or not. You can say if the school shoes perfectly fit if your child can be able to move their toes freely without hurting them and there should be no swellings from the toes on both sides of the shoe.

5 – Expect shoes to last a year or less.

Based on the study, the foot of a child will grow about half a size every six months after the age of three, so basically, school shoes will only last between nine months to a year of use. Nevertheless, there is a tendency that the feet of your child may have shot up in size if your child has a growth spurt during the school year, so better have them measured again by a footwear fitter.

6 – Know that high-quality shoes will last long.

While Boys School Shoes are another necessary expense, also consider in mind that you may also save money if you buy better quality shoes, as they will last longer and will not wear down so quickly during the school year. One technique is to look for soles made from rubber, and double stitching around the toe area, this will give shoes a longer life.