Adding Charm and Warmth to Your Interior Decor With Antique Brushed Brass Door Handles and Pulls

Brushed Brass Door Handles truly are among the most beautiful decorative doorknob styles in the industry. Brushed brass is a common type of doorknob material due to its endless number of possible uses and the ability to complement just about any interior design. They can be extremely elegant with formal settings or fit in with a more casual, natural, or eclectic environment. Many brushed brass door hardware products feature a mixture of metal and wood, such as door pulls, door handles, and drawer pulls. It makes them popular for bathrooms, entryways, dining rooms, kitchens, and even living rooms.

Lo&CoInteriors brushed brass door handlesA majority of Lo&CoInteriors brushed brass door handles and pulls have an antique appearance which gives off a traditional appeal. These door handles and pulls can come in a variety of finishes like oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, brushed bronze, brushed chrome, brushed brass, and a variety of natural finishes such as natural wax, brass tone, and even oil rubbed bronze. They can also be double-ended, double tubular, single-ended, and several other combinations. The variety alone makes these pieces perfect for adding to your home’s interior design.

Some of the best-brushed brass door handles and pull have very intricate details and designs. These antique doors and handles make some of the best decorations in your home. So it only makes sense that you can find brushed nickel knobs with intricate designs, and quite possibly one of the most common is a combination of both brushed nickel and antique bronze.

These door handles and pulls styles can be found for extremely low prices at online distributors and retail stores. However, the most popular type of antique brass door handle and pull is still in a brushed nickel finish, and they are usually available at thousands of dollars price points. It just depends on your taste and what you are looking for.

There are several different styles of brushed brass handles and pulls available in Lo&CoInteriors brushed brass door handles. For instance, the most common ones are in a simple round or square shape. However, the more elaborate designs also include leaves and flowers, swirls, and clusters of various shapes. Some of the most popular brushed brass designs include scrollwork, floral, basket, and fruit designs.

Brushed nickel and brushed brass door handles and pulls are also used to create hardware for doors, punches, shutters, cabinet pulls, and many other items. You will find that you can get different sized handles and hardware to complement your interior design. For instance, some people will go with small brushed brass door handles and copper drawer pulls, while others will use large brushed brass door handles and chrome knobs and pulls on the cabinets and doors. Another great option to keep in mind is adding small stamped brass accent pieces at the top of the handles and pulls and a small brass handle to use as a doorknob. It adds that extra touch of class and will also add to the appeal of your interior design.

You will also find that brushed brass door handles and pulls can be found in various finishes. Some are made from nickel and brass, as well as those that are completely nickel and brass. As mentioned before, there is the brushed nickel finish, but then you will also find the brushed bronze, brushed chrome, brushed copper, brushed bronze with gold accents, brushed gold, brushed bronze with silver accents, brushed copper, and brushed brass with silver accents. If you are looking for a nickel finish, you will also find a hammered nickel, oil rubbed bronze, brushed chrome, brushed gold, and many other types of finishes.