Safety Precautions in the Workplace During Palm Tree Removal

Many commercial buildings in Brisbane have palm trees in their outdoor spaces. These three types are known to add an aesthetic element to exteriors. However, when there are changes to the landscaping design of a commercial site, these trees need to be removed. Go to this website for more details about palm tree removal.

If you need to have the palm trees outside your office building to be removed before a major renovation, there are safety measures you should take to ensure that your workers are safe during the removal process.

Palm Tree Removal BrisbaneMake the Announcement

If the removal will take place during a workday, it is best to make an announcement beforehand. Inform your employees that the site where the trees will be removed will be off-limits for the day. Put up caution signs and yellow tape around the area to ensure that people passing by are aware that some risky project is underway and non-experts should keep the distance.

If the tree removal takes place on a non-work day, you should still let your employees know just in case someone drops by the office to get something or finish a particular task.

Clear the Site

If there are vehicles or machines within proximity of the palm trees, make sure to clear them before the removal date. Palm tree removal experts need a lot of space to work in.

Consult with an Expert

Before the day of the removal arrives, talk to your service provider if there is anything they need you to do. Some providers will ask you to clear a specific area, especially if there are multiple palm trees to be removed. Go to this website for more info about palm tree removal experts in Brisbane.

Some service providers may also request for electric lines to be moved temporarily if the palm trees are located near electric posts. These details should be discussed early on to make sure no accidents take place.

Keep Everyone Away

As mentioned earlier, a palm tree removal project can be carried out during a workday. If this is the case, make sure nobody goes near the removal site. Make way for re-route paths if the palm trees are located near streets or walkways going towards your office.

Safety should be prioritised during tree removal tasks. There are heavy machines involved in the process, and the stage where the trees are taken down can be dangerous for non-experts. Keep everyone safe so your service providers can do their job.