Why is Square Baling Twine Advantageous?

When it comes to livestock food preservation and storage, no one will argue about the popularity and preference for Square Baling Twine & Baling Wrap. The two options offer you the most practical and sensible solutions when you are making small square balers. Aside from being made from all-natural and biodegradable sisal cord, baling twine and wrap products are rot-free. It means that you are getting effectiveness and durability in one.

Now the question is this: why should opt for square baling twine when there are other options? In this blog post, we’ll do our best to convince you to make the switch. At the end of this discussion, you’ll realise that you’ve been missing a lot merely because you never had the chance to learn and be familiar with square baling twine.


Made from premium material, square baling twine offers maximum efficiency since it is rot-free. It means that it will last longer than most competing materials. The natural durability of the product is the reason why it is the preferred option by thousands of Australian livestock farmers.


Not many people acknowledge the value of Square Baling Twine & Baling Wrap, especially when it comes to efficiency in baling. The truth is that the natural resiliency of the material guarantees zero breakage. In other words, there is no disruption in the baling process. Square baling twine not only offers maximum efficiency but will also ensure a stress-free bale wrapping process.

Added Protection

Furthermore, baling twine gives you reliability, unlike any other material used for silage. For one, it hands out added protection from the likelihood of breakdowns. Hence, it leads to sufficient storage of your bale. It also corresponds to minimal downtime when storing.


You also should know that square baling twine does not contain synthetic materials and chemicals that could ruin the environment. If you choose the material over other products for baling, you get a guarantee of zero contamination, too. It is possible because freshness is locked in the bales, which then ensures the retention of the nutritional value of the product.

Lastly, you cannot deny the practicality and versatility of square baling twine because aside from being the most preferred material for baling, you can also use it for various purposes. For instance, it is widely used to tie the farm gate for added security. It can also be useful as an alternate herder for animals in the form. People use it at home for tying things or hanging frames and other stuff on the wall. The idea is that you will always find some use for it, not just for the livestock or agricultural farm setting.

So, the next time you’re shopping for new material for baling, you should go for square baling twine.