The Best Gutter Mesh In the Market and Which Ones You Should Avoid

If you’re like any homeowner, you only want the best for your property. You invest money, effort and time to fix any problem that may arise. If a part of your home needs extra protection, you take care of it. It applies to everything that concerns your home.

Debris can eventually cause damage, apart from being an eyesore. So when you realise that your gutter system needs protection, you react by installing gutter mesh– but exactly, what is the best gutter mesh?


Gutter mesh or guards allow gutters to function better with guiding rainwater to flow freely in the right direction. Gutters prevent the risk of stagnant water and clogging on your roof, but they can not do their job if they contain debris. Debris such as dead leaves and twigs of trees, as well as small,  dead critters and rocks,  can accumulate in your gutters. Without guards or protection, rainwater will be deprived of the smooth passage it needs. Homeowners like you need to recognise how critical it is to invest in gutter guards.


It is essential, thus, for you to know that not all gutter guards are the same. Although they all offer protection, others are not as valuable as an investment; they will be nothing but the proverbial money down the drain! Consider some useful tips for picking out the best gutter guards that will offer you maximum protection and ensure an excellent return for your investment. Here’s a list of what to avoid:


  • Low-quality metal or steel construction

We do not say that all metal or steel gutter guards are a terrible choice. If you choose a variety of metal or steel, make sure you select one with extra layers of protection. The reason is that metal and steel alone are prone to rust and corrosion, especially since they will be exposed to the combination of sun and rainwater. You know that you have installed a cheap variety of guards when they get rusty after only a few months. If left unattended, rust or corrosion will attack your whole roof! Stainless steel or gutter guards made with an additional protective coating will offer you the best protection.


  • Cheap wire mesh

Another thing you should avoid when buying gutter guards is a variety made of cheap wire mesh. What is the best Gutter Mesh? It is gutter mesh made from high-quality materials and has an attractive design. You do not have to assume that all types are cheap and unreliable. Remember, however, that the apparent disadvantage of cheap, flimsy gutter mesh is that they will readily take in leaves and other debris from trees.



  • Vinyl gutter protectors

In general, vinyl gutter guards are not recommended as this material is not ideal for constant exposure to the sun. The ability of vinyl to expand and contract when exposed to the overwhelming heat of the sun is the enemy. Over time, they may come off the gutters and cause you more problems.