Types of Women’s Sandals and How to Buy the Right One

No matter what your outfit is, the right sandals can always add a beautiful finishing touch. With the handful of pairs you have at home, surely, you are also wondering if you have the right ones. Thus, to help you pick the right pair the next time you buy Womens Sandals Online Australia; we share some essential tips below.

Types of Women’s Sandals

Womens Sandals Online AustraliaThere is undoubtedly one that will fit your needs, complement your outfit and flatter your shape among the numerous styles of sandals available today. So, let’s together know some of it.

  1. Flip-flops and Thongs

For lounging around or hanging out the beach, ultra-casual sandals are an excellent option. It comes in a wide range of colour and patterns and is simple to slip on and off. However, the lack of support it features is its only downfall. So when you’re doing a lot of walking, this sandal can be uncomfortable.

  1. Slide and Slip-Ons

With a band across the foot, these sandals are backless and have an open toe. It is easy to slide on and off and is typically available in casual, fashionable and sporty styles.

  1. Sling Back

A strap that wraps behind the heel is what sling back sandals feature. For dressier occasions, high-heeled sling-backs works best while for a more casual style, flat sling-back sandals are exceptional.

  1. Gladiator

If you are familiar with the design worn by Roman gladiators, these sandals look similar with the multiple straps it features. For jeans or longer skirts, low gladiator sandals work best, and for shorter dresses and shorts, higher types go perfectly. However, gladiator sandals are not meant for everyone. Often, it can give an appearance of shortened leg and a wide foot.


  1. Platform

Its thick soles that add height is what differs platform sandals from the rest. Its platform is made from a variety of materials like plastic, cork, rubber and even wood. Its heel as well can be designed in different shapes that make it look more attractive. Plus, different strap styles and other embellishments can be featured in a platform sandal.

  1. Wedges

A sole that is higher beneath the heel and narrows as it runs toward the front is what distinguishes wedges from the rest. Wedges can give you additional height and offers excellent versatility. Plus, people with heavy ankles may appear to be slimmer by wearing wedges.

  1. Hiking

Straps that wrap around the heel and separate a cinch buckle for a comfortable fit is what hiking sandals features. In giving your feet maximum protection and support on outdoor terrain, hiking shoes also features a rugged and stiffer sole.

Lastly, in the spring and summer seasons, wearing sandals are so much good. However, before you pick a sandal style, consider first the type of activity you have planned in mind to get maximum comfort. Take note that in determining what styles of Womens Sandals Online Australia will best complement your outfit, you have to understand first the features of each.