6 Common Procedures That A Cosmetic Dentist Does

Cosmetic dentistry is commonly used to describe any dental procedure that alters the look of gum, teeth and bite. It focuses on enhancing oral cosmetic aesthetics in whitening, positioning, size, shape and overall smile look. It also includes veneers, bonding, laminates and orthodontics. Some cosmetic dentist surgeries are braces, whitening and jaw lengthening. This article discusses all the cosmetic dentistry procedures commonly performed by cosmetic dentists.

Braces are among the most common procedures cosmetic dentists in YES cosmetic dentist Adelaide perform. It involves the fitting of wire headgear over the front of the teeth to control the length of the gums. These are usually made of titanium but composites and ceramic are also used. The wire gauges used are usually made of either nickel alloy or titanium. However, wire gauges that use stainless steel are gaining popularity because of their corrosion resistance.

Teeth whitening or bleaching is a cosmetic dentist procedure used to treat yellow, stained, brown or grey teeth. The method involves applying a bleaching agent such as hydrogen peroxide on the teeth or taking laser light and bleaching the teeth with it. This treatment can be done for one or several teeth.

yes-cosmetic-dentist-adelaideAnother popular cosmetic dentistry procedure is teeth whitening or bleaching. This involves applying special whitening agents on the teeth or taking laser light and bleaching the teeth. This treatment can be done for one or several teeth. Some procedures can enhance your smile like removing the stains, improving your symmetry and creating the right proportions. You can get these done in porcelain or composite materials and improve your smile’s overall appearance.

Many people would want to enhance their face shape. They go to a cosmetic dentist to get dental veneers. These porcelain veneers are made from a material that resembles real teeth. It gives you a better, more symmetrical and natural-looking smile. In some cases, if not properly applied, the porcelain will look cracked, chip or have gaps between it. A cosmetic dentist can also help you get implants that will give you a permanent, straighter, more youthful and attractive smile.

To avoid any gum or teeth problems in the future, you must go to a cosmetic dentist for regular check-ups. Cosmetic dentists in YES cosmetic dentist Adelaide can perform various procedures that can repair or prevent various conditions that cause tooth decay and gum disease. The more teeth lost, the more likely it is that gum and teeth problems will occur. Cosmetic dentists can help prevent these conditions and restore your beautiful smile.