Making Good Quality Baled Silage – What You Need To Know

The process of making baled silage is almost the same as making pit silage. You need to grow quality crops for the silage. Then you need to harvest thelush, digestible grass at the right time. When doing so, you can mechanise the whole process as it will be more affordable and efficient especially if you have a large farm. After harvesting, next is to make round uniform bales which will then later be wrapped. Silage wrapping is done to offer the optimum conditions for quality silage. For example, water and oxygen will be kept out and this means that you will end with quality silage when it comes to feeding.

Am sure you are wondering why you would want to wrap the bales instead of making silage pit. Well, wrapping the bales is very affordable as silage wrap is readily available in the market and comes at an affordable price. Besides affordability, it requires less work compared to making silage pit. When making silage using silage film, it is easier to mechanise the whole process which the opposite when making pit silage. Also, with silage wrap, there arefewer chances of spoilage in that if damage occurs, it will be on one bale, unlike when it happens in pit silage, you can end up losing all your silage,and this can adversely affect your livestock business.

By using silage wrap, it is also easier to regulate feeding and keeping track of the remaining feeds. When you open the bale, you only need to ensure that the content is fed to the livestock in two days. Selling excess feeds is also possible,and this makes it even easier to price the bundles.

Silage wrappingThere are many benefits that you stand to enjoy when you use silage. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. First, you need to make sure that you are using quality silage wrap. Only by using quality silage wrap can you be certain of quality silage. Otherwise, with substandard silage wrap, you will end up with spoilt silage, and all your investment will go to waste. Therefore, if you want to benefit fromsilage wrapping, then ensure that you purchase the silage film from the best dealers. There are many manufacturers,and not all can guarantee the quality of their baling products. Be sure that the manufacturer or supplier you are buying from can offer you a written warrant that the baling or wrapping products you are getting can survive the harsh outdoor weather for not less than 12 months. The guarantee should be on the strength of the net wrap, UV stability and waterproof. These are the essential features of quality silage wrap that you need to look out for.