Quick Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Tiles

bathroom tilesWhen you are in the market doing some window shopping in the hope of finding the ideal bathroom tiles for your remodelling project, you might find yourself overwhelmed by all the options. The fact is when it comes to aureestiles.com.au – bathroom tiles, you get the luxury to choose different colours, sizes, designs, finish, and even shapes. While you may feel that the numerous options give you an advantage, you may find it difficult to take a pick.

The key to a successful selection of bathroom tiles is narrowing down your options. You cannot afford to look at all the varieties since it’ll take forever. To effectively limit your choices, follow the tips below.


Tip 1 – Start with the size.


When it comes to buying new tiles for your bathroom, size matters. The good news is you have a lot of options regarding sizes. You can choose small ones from one inch-by-one inch up to about a couple of feet. While most people will tell you that you should not use large tiles in bathrooms, the advantage is you only must deal with fewer tile grout lines. Know that more grout also requires more cleaning.


Tip 2 – Create a balance with different types of tiles.


You probably are thinking right now that it is nice to use different tiles in the bathroom in the hope of creating a unique space inside. While it is a great idea, you should not overdo it. There have been countless cases of bathrooms looking quite awful merely because of the use of mismatched tiles as well as overusing colours which have just become too overwhelming to the eyes. If you are not sure about your mix, ask for an expert’s advice.



Tip 3 – Emphasise a neutral floor and ceiling.


You also must focus on finding neutral bathroom tiles for the flooring since the use of an over-aggressive colour will draw your attention to the floor instead of appreciating the entire space or room. The good thing about a neutral tile floor in your bathroom is that you are getting a somewhat subtle base, which in turn gives you a place to experiment with different colours on the walls.



Tip 4 – Do not forget about texture.


Most people focus on aesthetics and visuals almost exclusively when choosing new bathroom tiles. However, it is not always about how your bathroom space looks. You also must consider texture since it has a significant effect on cleaning and maintenance. For example, smooth and glazed aureestiles.com.au – bathroom tiles are convenient to clean since you only need to wipe them. However, they are a slipping hazard, too. Textured tiles are more onerous to clean, but you want one for your shower since they minimise the risk of slipping when they are wet.

So, those are just some of the few tips you can begin with when you are about to go shopping for new bathroom tiles for your remodelling project.