7 Reasons Why You Need Shade Sails Adelaide

When it comes to outdoor features, people are automatically thinking about verandahs, pergolas, patios, and gazebos. While there’s nothing wrong with aspiring for these overly expensive outdoor structures, note that they’re not always the best options. There are alternatives out there that can add beauty and provide superb shading, all while not costing too much. QuinsCanvas.com.au shade sails Adelaide are great examples. With that said, here are seven reasons why you need to add shade sails in your backyard.


  1. Shade sails offer a ‘clean’ shade. That means they don’t drop leaves and other outdoor debris on your face. This feature is important, especially if your using sails for your swimming pool area. No one wants to swim with different debris floating in the pool. Not only does it look awful, but it will also alter the pH content of the water.
  2. The shade provided by high-quality QuinsCanvas.com.au shade sails Adelaide is even and relaxing. Trees and other plants offer dappled shade, which means there are spots where the sun can potentially penetrate, causing unwanted sunburn. While the material used for shade sail does let through a small portion of sunlight, it will block out unwanted UV rays, making it even. The light passing through the shade sail isn’t as hot as the sail will block any unwanted heat as well, keeping you cool and cozy.
  3. Shade sails are perfect for any season. It’s ideal for the summer sun, while also a perfect shelter for other seasons. When it’s windy, shade sails can block small twigs, leaves and other outdoor debris from getting to you.
  4. Shade sails are more convenient compared to tree shade or other shade systems available. It doesn’t have any adverse effects such as roots or plumbing. Trees can fall at any given notice, while shade sails do not – given that you’ve tied each end tightly.
  5. Shade sails are also very affordable. In fact, it costs only a fraction of what you would spend on a standard outdoor roofing system. Both provide the same level of shade; but what gives shade sails the upper hand is its affordability.
  6. With a shade sail, you have full control to provide pleasant shade for your children or any alfresco area, without relying much on other outdoor shading system or from Mother Nature giving you good weather.



7.  A shade sail can also provide aesthetic value to your outdoor area. Available in different designs, shapes, and colours, you can mix and match to create an eye-catching outdoor attraction using your shade sails.


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