Things That Might Contribute to the Sudden and Unplanned Fall of your Palm Tree

Australia is the home of palm trees. You see the trees everywhere, including residential and commercial settings. There even are industrial structures that feature palm trees in their premises. They are distinct because of their look, providing your home with a unique and tropical setting. What’s a lot more fantastic about them is that they need minimum upkeep and will last for several years with natural pruning and trimming.

When palm trees are healthy, they do not present risks or dangers your property or home. But because they are like all other trees and living things, the palm trees will eventually deteriorate as a result of weather exposure. You do not want to ignore that reality because it could mean the tree will fall without warning, causing damage or injury.

As a responsible owner of a palm tree, you must learn of the factors that could contribute to it falling without warning. Knowing those factors and learning how to detect them gives you the ability to understand the need for Palm Tree Removal Hobart.

Strong Winds

It is true that palm trees initially originate from locations where strong winds are prevalent, particularly in the tropics. However, a healthy species will not succumb to strong winds, given that they have stubborn roots. However, if your palm tree has weak roots due to disease or maybe you planted it improperly, then there is a strong possibility it will fall when there’s a strong wind.

Palm Borer Infestation

Another reason that could cause the death of your palm tree is palm borer invasion. It is a brown beetle that compromises your palm tree on the inside. If you notice there is a problem, there is no other option however to go with Palm Tree Removal Hobart. Big borers can leave half an inch sized holes in the trunk wood, which in turn will considerably compromise the structural integrity of the tree.

Crown Drop

Australia is currently suffering from a problem called a sudden crown drop brought by fungus. It triggers an internal decay in the trunk of the tree, and the problem is that you will not see it from the outside. When the disease spreads, it will cause degeneration of the entire crown, which in turn will result in the possibility of the upper trunk to fall. The upper part of the palm tree might weigh a couple of tons, which implies that if it falls, it could severely hurt someone or cause damage to your home.

Lack of Depth in Planting

Finally, your palm tree might fall if you planted it too shallow, which in turn might suggest it’ll grow above soil level. The absence of a steady base to support the weight of the palm tree is dangerous, and you do not have any choice but opt for Palm Tree Removal Hobart.