How a Weighted Blanket Can Aid in Anxiety Prevention

Anxiety is a common occurrence in people. You especially feel anxious before making a big decision, during a life change or other extreme times of stress. However, anxiety disorders can further lead to crippling feelings of fear, too much worry and restlessness, which is not healthy.

When it comes to managing anxiety disorders, there are many ways you can do. Ideas that can help limit the impact of anxiety and its symptoms is the combination of medication, lifestyle changes and other treatments. One example of a treatment that can significantly help is the weighted blankets.

So, what is a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets are much heavier compared to usual blankets with an evenly distributed weight. The blanket’s weight and size will vary depending on who is the intended user.

This particular type of blanket is not only designed to be warm but also to provide gentle pressure to a person. In fact, it imitates the feeling of being hugged by someone. Not only that but also the sensation weighted blanket produces may have a positive effect on people’s moods.

Thus, it is not surprising why weighted blankets continue to gain in popularity recently. When it comes to combating anxiety and other sensory disorders, weighted blankets are the leading alternative.

Heavy Blanket for Anxiety Benefits

The user will receive tons of benefits from using weighted blankets. The even pressure is said to mimic “deep pressure touch stimulation”. This DTP or deep touch pressure gives your body a calming and soothing effect on people’s mood. Similarly, for people with anxiety, weighted blankets have demonstrated the same results.

A weighted blanket provides positive effects on the human body, including:

  1.  It has the same impact of a human hug.

According to research, one way that will make a person feel at ease is getting hugs. The body releases the hormone oxytocin, which helps reduce blood pressure, slows the heart and provides a relaxation feeling when people hug.

Similar to that is the function of weighted blankets. It imitates the warmth and security that hugs provide. A gentle yet firm pressure that travels deep within the body is what both the blanket and hug use. As a result, it allows the body to relax with the sense of repose it gives.

  1. Weighted blankets promote better sleep.

Its ability to promote better sleep is one of Heavy Blanket for Anxiety Benefits. A comfortable environment for a person to fall asleep in is what the pressure of the weighted blanket may provide.

A sense of being cocooned is what the blanket is thought to create. Also, the physical connection that the person feels with the blanket provides a sense of warmth and safety. It makes both the mind and body to be at ease.